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CG wins smart meters supply contract from Gas Natural Fenosa in Spain
Avantha Group Company CG has received Euro17m contract from Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) to supply ZIV single and three phase smart meters and serve as the main supplier for the utility.
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Green Charge Networks to install intelligent energy storage system in Santa Cruz, US
Green Charge Networks, the largest provider of commercial energy storage in the US, and the County of Santa Cruz have teamed up to install a energy storage system at the County’s largest administrative building.
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Equinix to buy power from SunEdison for its data centres in US
By EBR Staff Writer
Dada center company Equinix has signed an agreement to buy power from the SunEdison’s proposed 150MW Mount Signal Solar II facility in the territory of San Diego Gas & Electric near Calexico, California, US.
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Brillio selected to implement smart grid pilot program in Los Angeles
By EBR Staff Writer
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has selected global technology consulting, software, and business solutions company, Brillio, to carry out Smart Grid pilot program.
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Inter RAO plans to divest 100% stake in Electricity Networks of Armenia to Liormand
By EBR Staff Writer
Russia-based diversified energy company Inter RAO is planning to divest its 100% stake in Electricity Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC to Cyprus-registered Liormand, for an undisclosed amount.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
Sulphur Springs Valley Electric and SunPower sign PPA with SunPower for 20MW solar plant in US
By EBR Staff Writer
Sulphur Springs Valley Electric (SSVEC) and SunPower (SPWR) has signed an agreement to purchase power from the 20MW AC solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant planned to be built by iSunPower n Cochise County, Arizona, US.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
Consumers Energy signs power purchase agreement with Geronimo Energy
By EBR Staff Writer
Consumers Energy has signed an agreement to purchase power from 100MW wind farm planned to b developed in Michigan, US.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
Fingrid plans to upgarde Kristinestad substation in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland
By EBR Staff Writer
Fingrid is planning to expand the Kristinestad substation in Southern Ostrobothnia in a bid to enahnce the reliability of the electricity network and allow wind power to be connected to the grid.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
S&C Electric to build 7MW energy storage facility
By EBR Staff Writer
S&C Electric Company received contract from Half Moon Ventures (HMV) to supply and build a 7MW energy storage facility.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
ABB to provide automation and substation solutions to Indian solar projects
By EBR Staff Writer
ABB has received $18m worth of contracts in India to provide plant electrification, automation and substation solutions for solar power plants with combined power generation capacity of 850MW.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
Alstom contracted to provide demand response solution to Ergon Energy in Australia
By EBR Staff Writer
Queensland’s regional energy distributor Ergon Energy has awarded a contract to Alstom to supply demand response management system (DRMS).
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
PowerStream and Sunverge team up for rooftop solar storage program in Canada
By EBR Staff Writer
Canada-based utility PowerStream and Sunverge Energy have partnered to develop a pilot solar storage program to help lower home electricity bills and provide outage protection to customers.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
RWE unveils new load and energy management solutions at IAA 2015
RWE is presenting energy management solutions for private and commercial customers at the IAA 2015. For electrically mobile private customers, the company is exhibiting the compact and safe RWE eBox.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
Atlantis and DP Energy to develop a multi-turbine array at FORCE facility in Canada
By EBR Staff Writer
Atlantis and DP Energy group have agreed to form a joint venture partnership to develop a multi-turbine array at the Force facility in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > News
GRP Enclosures Aid Migration to Wireless Instrumentation Networking
Field instrumentation protection specialist Intertec is seeing increased customer demand for equipment housings to contain wireless process monitoring equipment in outdoor environments. The company attributes this partly to increased use of industrial wireless sensor network (WSN) technology, but mainly to the growing industry awareness that the glass-reinforced polymer (GRP) composite material it uses for all its protective enclosures is electromagnetically transparent.
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EBR Supplier Recommendations

BARTEC BENKE - Leading Analyzer & Measurement Technology for the Oil & Gas Industry
BARTEC BENKE proves over 50 years of experience and specialist expertise in the field of industrial safety technology. This expertise encompasses analysis devices and systems, as well as the engineering, construction and service-related aspects of monitoring and optimising production processes, operational safety and systems availability. ... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > Suppliers
Energyst - Turnkey Rental for Power Generation and Temperature Control
Energyst Cat® Rental Power is a company providing turnkey rental solutions for power generation and temperature control. Energyst Cat Rental Power offers an extensive European network with dedicated sales offices providing full service and equipment support and, in collaboration with local Cat dealers, Energyst Cat Rental Power can provide worldwide coverage. ... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > Suppliers
Industry Report Store - Instant Intelligence for the Energy Industry
With over 150,000 in-depth reports spanning over 100 countries, the Industry Report Store is a leading market research brand in over 40 industries. We aim to provide you with analysis and evaluations of your industry along with detailed and accurate forecasts for the years ahead.... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > Suppliers
BEUMER Group - Products & System Solutions for Conveying Bulk Materials
The Beckum-based BEUMER Group with affiliations around the globe designs future-oriented products and system solutions for conveying bulk materials. One example is the safe transport of different kinds of fuel to a furnace for power generation. ... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > Suppliers
UniTech Services Group - Technology Laundering & Protective Clothing Program Specialists
UniTech Services Group is a leading international supplier of advanced technology laundering and protective clothing programs to the world nuclear industry. For over 50 years, our licensed facilities have provided customers with reliable, cost-effective protective wear, respiratory protection, radiological PPE, and health physics items.... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > Suppliers
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EBR White Paper Recommendations

Sesam CAESES: Serious Play in Ship Design - Simulation-Driven Design for Naval Architects By DNV GL - Software
Simulation driven design is widely considered the key to innovative product development. While the integration of modeling and simulation is already well established in structural mechanics this is not yet the case with its fluid dynamic sibling. This is because Computational Fluid Dynamics is very demanding in terms of resources. Therefore, the intelligent modeling of functional shapes – like ship hull forms, propellers, pumps and turbines – is of paramount importance.

Naval architects have always been subjected to cope with non-planar shapes and have developed techniques that capture the essence of a complex geometry with as few defining elements as need be. These elements, normally called form parameters, are used to generate and vary a product. By closely coupling parametric modeling to simulation a synthesis model is created. Adding techniques of formal optimization, the process is further enhanced: It now provides the playground for serious work, complementing the human being’s intuition, experience and ingenuity....
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > White Papers Commercial and Dispute Resolution Services for the Nuclear and Conventional Power Industries By QSI Consultancy Group
QSI Consultancy Group is a specialist consultancy providing commercial and dispute resolution services to the construction industry, with a particular focus on nuclear and conventional power. QSI Consultancy Group has operations in both Europe and the Middle East and is served by its two main offices in the UAE and in Finland. The company's core management team of four professionals has over 100 years of combined experience, accrued on major projects in over 30 countries worldwide.... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > White Papers Hydrodynamic Analysis of Offshore Structures By DNV GL - Software
This paper describes the role of a linear frequency domain analysis for offshore structures, and some of the important aspects that must be addressed when doing such an analysis. The two main challenges in this analysis, in addition to creating a good quality panel model, are: how to include the viscous effects, and how to handle the mooring system. Both of these will be discussed in some detail.... Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > White Papers A Consequence-Based Assessment Method/Software Model to Facilitate the Safe Location and Design of Occupied Buildings on or in Close Proximity to Process Facilities By DNV GL - Software
Ensuring the safe location and design of occupied buildings (permanent or temporary) is high on the agenda of key stakeholders – industry, regulators, and the workforce, not to mention members of the public who have a vested interest in the area. The significant amount of analytical work required in support of such an analysis represents a key barrier to conducting such studies in a detailed manner. It is often the case that a range of simplifications are utilised that can result in a less than realistic assessment.

This paper describes the implementation of two of the most widely used vapour cloud explosion (VCE) models, namely the TNO multi-energy (ME) and Baker-Strehlow-Tang (BST) into Phast, a general purpose onshore consequence analysis software package developed by DNV GL. ...
Power Distribution > Utilities Retail > White Papers Sesam for Subsea By DNV GL - Software
In the oil and gas industry the term subsea relates to the underwater exploration, development and drilling of oil and gas fields. Subsea installations are used to develop reservoirs outside effective reach of existing platforms; they can be installed, designed and constructed in faster time than traditional platforms, making them an attractive substitute. And if surface facilities are available subsea is a much less expensive alternative, and can reduce the size of expensive platforms by moving some of the functionalities to the sea bed.

Subsea systems can range in complexity from a single satellite well connected to a fixed or floating facility to several wells connected to a central manifold tied to platforms or directly to an onshore installation.

This paper offers an introduction to subsea and showcases how Sesam offers the most complete and efficient tool to perform the design analysis of subsea structures....
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1-15 of 2758 results